Marketing Services

Imagica is a fully vertically integrated marketing communications firm meaning all of our comprehensive services are under one roof making us very efficient and cost effective for our clients. We provide a variety of services based on your desired results and budget and are happy to provide our services either on an individual project basis or as part of an ongoing program. We can create a turn-key marketing program for you on almost any budget. In addition to photography, graphic design and public relations here are some other services we offer:

Marketing Plans/Strategy/Timeline

Imagica are experts at both evaluating and developing marketing plans and strategies. Think of it as your road map to growth with mileage markers along the way telling you how far you’ve come, how far to go, the time it will take and at what cost.

Creative – Development & Execution

With our in-house graphic design for both print and web combined with commercial photography, we create unique ads, brochures, logos, direct mail, e-offers, newsletters and collateral materials of all kind that can stand alone or integrate seamlessly with your current branding strategies. There’s no doubt that it’s better to be good than to look good, but we don’t see any reason why you can’t excel at both.


Never underestimate the power of the word. Effective copy writing grabs the readers attention and doesn’t let go. Imagica organizes and crafts compelling copy for your ads, brochures, corporate reports, website and media relations.


When you have something to say to a specific audience, in a unique way, at a pre-determined time, then advertising is often your best option. Imagica can help you with your budgeting, message, presentation and execution for both print and broadcast advertising.

Public Relations

The reason we focus our efforts largely on media relations is simple — because we believe no other single marketing component builds your businesses faster and more cost effectively than editorial coverage. No matter the medium — broadcast, print or internet — we believe in the power of trusted third party endorsements for all products and services. As the media landscape evolves, so do our strategies. > more on public relations

Events / Product Launches / Trade Shows / Media Previews

We have deep and broad experience in planning events of all sizes and kinds. From conceptualization to on-site management to tying up loose ends long after the party’s over, we appreciate the role events play in an integrated marketing program. And we fully understand the value in creating events that help our clients capitalize on media opportunities every step of the way.

Crisis Communications

Taking your business to the next level sometimes has its ups and downs. You can count on Imagica to support you when the unexpected happens, recommending a strategic, sensible game plan that let’s you focus the big picture and not let the little bumps get in the way.

Media Training

Because every media placement maintains the potential to affect business growth, we take each one of them very seriously. From print and Internet interviews to television and radio appearances, we prepare our clients for the standard questions as well as the unforeseen curve balls. We want them to be their best in every situation and to maximize on every opportunity.


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